“While there is no textbook marketing plan for any company AdventureSmith Explorations was seeking to add more traditional marketing strategies to the content marketing we had historically relied on. Peter was hired as our first Marketing Manager to develop and implement this new position and plan. He quickly reviewed our current strategies, integrated with our team, and developed a plan to add complimentary efforts including direct mail, an alumni traveler club and communications plan, strategically placed print ads and coop partner marketing campaigns. He complimented our digital strategy with automated marketing campaigns, a revamp of our email communications, social media engagement, third party internet marketing and increased online reviews all with a focus on increase campaign tracking. Peter completed a comprehensive rewrite of our marketing plan.

In addition to the efforts above we soon embarked on a complete rebuild of our website, which shifted and increased Peter’s responsibilities to include site user experience analysis using CrazyEgg heatmapping and search engine optimization with SEMrush. Peter was able to seamlessly pivot from the more traditional marketing efforts to next generation digital efforts eagerly mastering new systems and skills. His work ethic, attention to detail and willingness to pitch in wherever needed was integral to the successful launch of our new website and immediate digital marketing post launch.

Peter has a wide skill set and would be an asset to any organization seeking to increase sales, conversions, and profitability through effective marketing. Perhaps his greatest asset is his hard work, ability to work with others and talent to analyze and complement existing efforts. I wholeheartedly recommend Peter for employment.”
– Todd Smith, Founder & President, AdventureSmith Explorations

“Peter’s work ethic, drive for companies’ greater good and eagerness to learn are some of his strongest assets, but the list could go on. We worked together on projects both in and out of his wheelhouse, and he became a valued sounding board and detail-oriented researcher when we were signing on partners for website development, SEO consultation, SEM and more. As AdventureSmith’s Marketing Manager, he helped me not only manage our team’s budget, email marketing, website Analytics and advertising but he also dove into miscellaneous projects (e.g. image editing and mailings) when the job needed to get done. And at the end of the day too, he’s the type of coworker game for a mountain bike ride or beer with the crew. Highly recommend and truly value Peter as a colleague and now friend!”
– Lis Larson, Director of Content & Marketing, AdventureSmith Explorations

“Peter is a rock star. I had the honor of working closely with him on the digital team at CCMedia. We collaborated on several digital campaigns, bringing our collective knowledge and expertise together to build on-target and creative solutions for our clients. Peter is an excellent communicator and total team player who goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations. I would recommend him to any organization looking for an all-star.”
– Deb Sosnowski, Director of Digital Media, CCMedia

“Visit Carson Valley was extremely lucky to have Peter as our go-to contact for all things digital advertising when he worked with CCMedia. He explains very technical concepts in a way we could understand, which is quite a skill in itself. Anytime we had questions or concerns he was exceptionally responsive and always has great ideas and follow-through. No campaign is complete without results, and Peter is results driven, taking our campaign to the next level. Not only is he great at his craft, but he has a great personality and is a joy to collaborate with.”
– Heidi Saucedo, Marketing Manager, Visit Carson Valley

“Peter was great to work with at Sugar Bowl, not only for his everyday dedication toward putting out the best product possible, but also for his eagerness to learn and take on new roles & responsibilities within marketing and across the resort.  At a smaller operation where every team member matters, Peter could be counted on to contribute and pitch in wherever needed, whenever need, while still executing his own responsibilities in the office.  A true professional, Peter always stepped up and tackled the task, and was truly a lot of fun to run with as we grew Sugar Bowl’s overall relevance as a Tahoe destination.”
– John Monson, Chief Advancement Officer, YMCA of Omaha

“I worked with Peter for five years and he is a pleasure to work with. You can count on him to complete the task at hand in a timely and professional manner. He is a great team player, who is efficient, well organized and goal oriented. His customer service is second to none. You can count on him to come up with new ideas and plans to move the company forward, while increasing sales.”
– Jennie White, Director of Marketing, Grand Targhee Resort

“Peter is the type of person that could be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and make friends with everyone. As a Marketing and Sales manager, he used his personality to his advantage. His ability to be both friendly and stern while maintaining a serious composure is a skill that eludes me to this day. While I worked at Sugar Bowl, marketing and information technology always had a very close relationship. Peter was always willing to lend an ear when I needed to bounce an idea off of him, and would go out of his way to help out our department when we were overworked (equipment setup for events mainly). When the former Sugar Bowl marketing director left, Peter took over their responsibilities without hesitation and excelled. Never did he complain about the work load, he took it with stride. It was wonderful to watch him grow as a co worker when his job role changed. Anybody would be lucky and fortunate to work alongside Peter, in any capacity.”
– Austin Wolff, Network Analyst, Vail Resorts

“Peter helped our company launch its social media plan, including researching the appropriate channels for our brand and setting up the initial account pages. He was able to critically analyze industry trends to make sound, achievable recommendations for our company. Managing Peter was easy because he came to work with an amazing attitude and was always willing to chip in where needed. Peter is a strategic thought leader who helped bring others along with his ideas by including them in the process. He was an asset to our team and I know he will be successful in all of his future endeavors.”
– Melody Daversa Crisp, VP of Marketing, Coronado Brewery

“I studied with Peter in San Diego State University’s MBA program. I worked with him on projects, group assignments, and case studies. I found him very diligent, creative, cooperative, and punctual. He brings energy into the project with creative ideas and insights.”
– Charanpreet Singh, Business Analytics Manager, ReShape Medical Inc

“I had the pleasure of working with Peter for several years at Sugar Bowl Resort. Peter continuously demonstrated his enthusiasm for sales and marketing through exceptional customer service, detail-oriented work, consistent processes and an always pleasant attitude that made our office fun and productive. I sincerely hope I get to work with Peter again in the future!”
– Heather Payne, Freelance Designer, whitehorse design

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