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I am an unapologetically enthusiastic person, a passionate professional who strives to learn, and a proud father and husband.

Working with people and learning the latest and greatest in the ever-changing marketing landscape excites me and has fueled a fun and successful career. I am constantly amazed at the power new technology provides in streamlining communication processes, pinpointing the best audiences at the right moments, and keeping an insanely high level of organization throughout. Having worked in marketing, sales and management roles internally for companies I was a part of, as well as externally for a myriad client companies, I am equipped with a 360º perspective on best practices in tackling tasks great and small. My 9+ years of acquired marketing skills bolster and optimize the process.

Oh, and coffee helps…Sierra Pacific Coffee Roasters‘ Costa Rican roast, French press, black.

I love the ‘good stress’ of juggling multiple tasks and the satisfaction of giving clients the best product possible through proper planning, granular attention to detail and constant internal and external communication.

I also believe that maximum professional success can only be achieved with a healthy work-life balance.

Family with baby and dogs on a bed
Emma passing her ‘dog family’ initiation with flying colors

I’m a new father to a human…it happened. My wife Amanda and I welcomed Emma Paige Avedschmidt, our first child, into the world last year. We can’t wait to show her the plethora of the adventures the Tahoe Area offers!

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me hanging with my family, scuba diving with my wife, practicing violin and guitar, striving to cook the perfect rack of ribs on the smoker, and skiing secret powder stashes with friends.

Person skiing powder
Another pristine powder day brought to you by Ma Nature

It can be challenging to be always cognizant of how best to fill my days. It’s easy to get into the groove of something and lose track of time. Why spend the majority of my days on earth doing something I don’t love? My professional goal is to grow with a company I believe in and have a mutually awesome relationship.

I look forward to talking with you soon!